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"The most eclectic radio show on the planet."

Welcome to Veneto West Radio, on demand streaming radio programs hosted by producer/mixer/artist Ronan Chris Murphy. The programs feature an insanely diverse range of artists and music from the Veneto West production and mixing archives as well as rare and obscure tracks by great other artists from around the world. If you are looking for unpredictable programing and music you have never heard before sit back and enjoy the ride.

Each program features about an hour of album tracks and rare demos and each show we will try and feature a live in studio performance by some of the most adventurous artist in music today. Email a request.

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Veneto West Radio is a not for profit service of "Veneto West". If you are an artist or copyright holder of anything featured on this show and do not wish for your material to be featured, just write us at and we will immediately remove your content from any current or archived editions of the show.