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This news page is sadly neglected for many years. For more on what is happening with Ronan Chris Murphy and Veneto West you can tune into Ronan's Recording Show or follow Ronan on Facebook.


June 4, 2008

First off I want to thank all off my clients, friends and collaborators for a great year. While so many people in the music business are having a rough time, the last couple years have the best year of my career. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of so much great music! My manager tells me I need to make my newsletters less wordy. I will try........

New Studio
We are in the last stages of building our new studio; we are very excited about. It's in an area of L.A. know as PicFair Village (South of Hollywood, East of Beverly Hills), a great neighborhood with tons of cool restaurants and an oddly high number of hair dressers and barber shops. In addition to a great studio space the building will also house our business offices and have additional client comforts, such as a full sized kitchen and lounge. It turns out that a few of my clients are skilled craftsmen and I have been getting great help from some of the guys in 1916, The Broken Remotes and Eggshell Egoz. The studio should be up and running by the middle of June.

Soundspell (Reykjavik, Iceland)
In a year of many highlights, one of the top was teaming up with my pal Albert Asvaldson to produce Soundspell in Iceland over the summer (24 hour daylight). An awesome band of guys 17-18 years old. The music is a cross between Coldplay, Keane and Sigur Ros and the first single just made the top 20 in Iceland (peaking at #18 just behind Maroon 5).

Alexia & RCM (Greece/Cyprus/Los Angeles)
I have started collaborative work with legendary Greek singer Alexia, an artist with a rich background in Jazz and Classical in addition to a staggering career as a pop artist (Almost 20 gold and platinum albums). We have begun a series of Alexia/Ronan duet projects together, the first of which has been completed and will be released by the Greek label Track7.

Home Recording Boot Camp
After four years of growth, my recording workshops have become very successful. These days all of our programs have been selling out one to two months in advance, and we have attracted students from all over the world including Iceland, Malaysia, Spain, England, Canada, Samoa .... This summer we have Los Angeles 6-day workshops in July and August, and we are doing a 6-day program in Iceland at the end of July. If you are into recording, we are doing a giveaway on our web site of an A Designs Pacifica mic pre.

The Killdares (Dallas, Texas)
I recently returned from six weeks in Dallas producing and mixing my second album with the Killdares. They are one of the leading Celtic rock bands in the U.S. The music is sort of what it might sound like if the Tragically Hip and Radiohead got together and started a Celtic rock band with a bagpiper and one of the best fiddlers in the U.S. (a six time national champion). I was helped by Grammy award winning engineer Chris Bell (The Eagles, Erykah Badu). It was such a blast.

Alternate Sound of Life (Huntington Beach, CA)
I produced a full album for a great SoCal alternative band, Alternate Sound of Life, at my Culver City studio. The music is along the line of A Perfect Circle, Incubus. The album, "She Whispers Loud," was just released. I love the way it came out.

Merlin Moon (LA, Venezuela, Italy, Miami)
I produced the new album for Merlin Moon, a.k.a the rock project of Italian/Venezuelan artist Alex Deep. The music is heavily rooted in classic psychedelic rock (think Pink Floyd and the Doors with a harder edge). We were able to bring in a lot great players like Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos), Chris Tondre, Ian Sheridan (Jason Mraz). and got to mix at Paradise Sound up in Washington State. The first single is already getting some airplay around the U.S. (worth checking out, if only just for the impressive website)

Jean Mazzei (San Francisco, CA)
Jean Mazzei, the lead singer/writer for San Francisco band Flying Venus brought me in to produce her solo debut. We had an awesome time and I got to play a bunch of guitar on the album as well (GE Stinson & I split electric guitar duties).

King Crimson (UK/US)
My few years working with King Crimson were a very prolific time. In addition to the roughly 15 King Crimson CD and DVD releases that I was involved with, DGM continues to release download only releases that I helped record and/or mix. The latest is ProjeKct Four live in Vancouver.

Head of Destiny (Los Angeles, CA)
I mixed the new album for the great L.A. band Head of Destiny. Aside from the band being great, I got to work on a song called "Cream Filled Caribou"!!! How cool is that?

Solar Wimp (Los Angeles, CA)
Another really cool project featuring the drummer of Head of Destiny. I mixed their new album.

Nels Cline & GE Stinson (Los Angeles, CA)
Since the last newsletter, I put the finishing touches on the duet album with Wilco guitarist Nels Cline and GE Stinson (Shadowfax, Halfmonk).

Curtis Fornadly (Los Angeles, CA)
I mixed the new album for Curtis Fornadly, a fantastic instrumental guitarist. Around the time we were working together he was selected by Guitar Player magazine as one of the top undiscovered guitarists in America.

Delaney Gibson (Los Angeles, CA)
I recorded the bass and drums for the new album by Delaney Gibson for Producer Andrew Synowiec. You might recognize her picture if you get the Discmakers catalog. She was featured on the cover for a few issues.

Jeff Findl (Seal Beach, CA)
Since the last newsletter, I have finished up the mixing and editing for instrumental guitarist Jeff Findl. The result was a 23 song album. Check out the cool review of the album at New Age Reporter:

Hazner (Inland Empire, CA)
I produced the vocals for several songs for the band Hazner, which features the guitarist of the band Beat the Bone who I mixed an album for a couple years ago. I have now started new tracks for them that I am producing in their entirety.

Whitton (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
I produced a few singles and did some co-writing with an amazingly talented singer/songwriter named Whitton, in addition to mixing some tracks for her world music project. Keep an eye out for her touring all over the U.S.

Ethan Gold / John Wicks (Los Angeles, CA)
Producer/musical director Ethan Gold hired me to record drum tracks for the feature film "Adventures of Power"; John Wicks (Money Mark, Soccer Mom) was the featured drummer.

Bill Forth (Los Angeles, CA)
I finished producing (and playing Fender Rhodes on) the solo album for Bill Forth, who is best known as a member of Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists, and as one of the main creative forces behind the band Ten Seconds. The album will get released on a cool French label where he will be in the company of artists like Nina Hagen, Laurie Anderson and Lamont Young.

Generals & Majors (Canada)
I mixed half an album for Canadian alternative rock band Generals & Majors.

Steve Krause (San Francisco, CA)
I produced a single for San Francisco based artist Steve Krause. In addition to having a great time working with Steve it was a fun chance to have Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Santana.) and Bob Glaub (CSNY, The Doors, Rod Stewart) back in on sessions.

Lives of the Saints (Los Angeles, CA)
My ambient guitar project with Bill Forth has been gigging on rare occasions and we have about half an album completed, but with all my production work, as well as Bill and I both finishing up solo albums, we have not had as much time as we would like. We did have a track featured on a compilation CD put out by One Way Magazine.

Ronan Chris Murphy (aka me)
I have recently carved out some more time to work on my long awaited solo album with Tony Levin, Terry Bozzio, Pat Mastelotto and Mike Keneally. I see an end on the horizon. Thanks so much to all the people that write and bug me about getting it done. The one downside of so many people wanting me to produce and mix albums for them is that it does not leave much time for my own work. You can hear a few rough tracks on my MySpace page.

The Broken Remotes (Los Angeles)
I continue to do production and mixing work on various projects with the Broken Remotes. Some of our recent work has been getting a lot of placement on several major TV shows (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl...)

Master Hunter (Los Angeles)
I produced, recorded, mixed, mastered and even played a little guitar on a new album for LA based hard rock band Master Hunter.

Pipsqueak (Seattle)
I mastered and album for Seattle punk/folk artist Pipsqueak for Ladies Choice Records

1916 (Bakersfiled, CA)
More on this in the next newsletter, but I have started producing a new album by the band 1916, my second album for a Celtic rock band with a bagpiper within a few months. I am gonna mix the record in a kilt. Seriously! 1916 drummer, Walter Baldwin, was one of the first and last musicians recorded in the old Veneto West studio and will be one of the first in the new studio.

Veneto West Music, BMI
We are growing our publishing business. We are increasing our efforts for film & TV placement and currently negotiating publishing deals with several international artists.

All the other stuff (all over)
In addition to all the other work, I am still doing quite a bit of consulting for studios, musicians and equipment manufactures, speaking at various conferences and events and writing articles for various print and online outlets. My latest is a series of short articles for Musicians Friend.″=ElectricGuitar

As I write this, we are knee deep in studio move and construction, so I have probably left a few things off; my apologies in advance to anyone I have unintentionally left out. If you know anyone that might be interested in any of this stuff, feel free to forward it on.



Support independent music and small business!!!
Ronan Chris Murphy


April 12, 2007

There is a power outage because of heavy winds in LA today. Since I can not get any real workd done so I am doing a short update here. Even though it seems like nothing is going in, this has actually been one of the busiest years of my life. I have been much better at updating the RCM / Veneto West myspace page, so please check there for more current news.


Here is my recent newsletter there is a little bit of overlap from the last news entry.


It has been a fantastic year for us at Veneto West & Home Recording Boot! Tons of records and some other fun stuff to. Its a long newsletter but its been that kind of year.

Ronan Chris Murphy Solo Album
After working on hundreds of albums for other artists and collaborative releases, I am finally doing my own solo album with the coolest backing band on the planet: Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, John Lennon..) Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, XTC, Mr. Mister...) Mike Keneally (Zappa, Steve Vai) and Terry Bozzio (Zappa, Missing Persons, BLS..) I am recording it at Veneto West and the insanely beautiful and amazing Saint Claire Recording in Lexington, KY. I hope to release it at the start of 07. Check out some photos from the sessions here.

Veneto West Launches Record Label
We Launched Veneto West Records this year with two releases distributed through DGM/Inner Knot. Our First release is a compilation called "Destroying Silence " featuring several cool artist from the Veneto West label and production stable teamed up with legends from the world of prog rock and avant jazz. Our Second release was the psychedelic prog epic from Italian band Hypnoise which has been nominated in the Italian prog awards for best album, best cover art and best sound. We recorded it in a 500 year old Italian Villa, an 800 year old church and the canals of Venice. Visit our web shop to buy online I think the compilation might be on sale for $5.

Veneto West vs. Ladies Choice
Veneto West Records has released a 12 inch compilation with Ladies Choice records in Seattle featuring Sean, The Abadox, Anthony Curtis(with Tony Levin, Lewis Pragasam & Mike Keneally) and a Ronan Chris Murphy Track (with Terry Bozzio). This album is all really heavy "out" stuff and features amazing custom engraved artwork on the B-side of the vinyl by Grammy Nominee Jesse LeDoux. You can buy it direct from Ladies Choice Records

Home Recording Boot Camp
My series of 2 day and 6 day recording workshops called Home Recording Boot Camp is really taking off. Our last two programs have sold out and we have had students from Iceland to Samoa. We have had weekend warriors to major label artist and even a contestant from Rock Star: Super Nova. Courses are scheduled throughout the year. We were recently featured in the national music magazine One Way. Read the article here.

Veneto West Studios
Our commercial recording studio in LA (Culver City) is becoming a favorite for many musicians for it laid back vibe and cool sounds. Its getting a reputation as one of the coolest sounding drum rooms in LA and one prominent mastering engineer described our custom D&R 4000 console as one of the best sounding in LA (greatly helped by our collection of outboard A Designs pre-amps!) My Manager Liz Redwing has been keeping me and the studio booked almost year 'round.

Recording Canora In Iceland.
I have wanted to make a record in Iceland for a long time, and I finally did this summer when I produced a new album for the Icelandic band Canora. Canora is an extreme metal band with big pop harmonies, Very Cool! It was a great trip. Great band, good studio, and very cool people except for the fact that they fed me putrified shark which was the most god awful thing I have ever eaten.

Designing a New Line of Recording Gear.
I am very excited about designing a new line of recording products with one of my favorite gear companies on the planet. More details to follow when we are ready to launch. We are building some really cool high end stuff, and keeping mum about the details but we should be rolling out some prototypes early next year by NAMM.

Terry Bozzio's Jazz Trio
I recorded Terry Bozzio's jazz trio with Doug Lunn and Alex Machacek at Veneto West for their upcoming CD.

Wilco guitarist Nels Cline
I recently recorded a new CD by Wilco guitarist Nels Cline and guitarist G.E. Stinson at Veneto West.

Australian Artist Matt Ellis with an all start cast.
Speaking of Nels Cline he was also one of the players on the new album by Australian singer songwriter Matt Ellis and his drummer / collaborator Banden Harper. Other players included Greg Leisz (KD Lang, Beck, Joni Mitchel) on lap steel, pedal steel and mandolin, Tim Luntzel (Bright Eyes, Norah Jones, Emmylou Harris) on acoustic and electric bass, Dave Palmer (Fiona Apple, AIR) on piano and rhodes and Tim Young (David Sylvian, The Youngs) also on guitar. The album was recorded mostly live in the studio and we used no digital effects of any sort. Just the big natural sound of great players in a cool sounding space with good gear.

Playing a Lot More Guitar.
This is not really big news but I am playing a lot more guitar these days. In addition to my own solo album and several of my artist's productions, I just recorded a collaborative project with Italian Stick player Cirani Emanuele, I have been gigging with my dark ambient duo with ex-Ten Seconds guitarist William Forth called Lives of the Saints (which Robert Fripp described as "scary stuff"). We are also working on a Lives of the Saints album and I am producing and playing a lot on Forth's upcoming solo album. I have also been playing sporadic gigs in the US and Italy. Lives of the Saints has a really cool gig in Sothern California next week. Details here

Eggshell Egoz
Keep an eye out for the new CD by Eggshell Egoz . A really cool rock-funk-pop band from LA. It's a great album and producing it was a real highlight of my year.

Jeff Findl
Its none done yet, but I am knee deep in producing the new CD for instrumental acoustic guitarist Jeff Findl. Guest include Jeff Gautheir on violin, Ian Sheridan (Jason Mraz) on bass, Giovanna Imbessi(Yanni, Andy Summers) on keys, Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos) on percussion and I may play a little on it by the time its done.

Women with Names that Begin with V (Vanya from Sweden & Veme Anya from India)
I got to produce a few more tracks for Swedish pop singer Vanya this year and we are in talks for me to produce a few more tracks in Sweden next year, Also this year I produced more tracks for Indian singer / model ">Veme Anya whose recordings feature, in addition to my own playing, Allen Eisenhart on drums, Bob Glaub (CSN&Y, John Lennon, Rod Sterwart) on bass, and Dean Pleasants (Suicidal Tendancies, Jessica Simpson) on guitar.

Jared Young
I mixed the new album, So Many Miles, by rock/pop singer-songwiter Jared Young .

Chris Tondre
I was brought in to track the guitars on the new album by guitarist and songwriter Chris Tondre.

Soccer Mom.
I am almost done mixing the new album by LA punk/new wave band Soccermom.

Full Force.
I produced an EP for a great young hard rock band called Full Force

I have spoken at several conferences including the TAXI Rally and the Atlantis music conference and various workshops in California and Italy. If any one is going to be at the TAXI Rally this year come by and say hello.

There are a few more film and album projects in the works, but I will have to wait until they are done to talk about them, and a few I had to sign non-disclosure agreements about, that you will not hear about.

At the end of these busy years I always forget to mention a few projects, so I apologize in advance.


March 23, 2006

We have finally launched Veneto West Records!! Check this out for more info about our first release.

I am currently in the studio working with a great LA based rock-funk band called Eggshell Egoz. We have been in the studio for about 3 weeks and are almost done with the album.

I am deep into recording my first solo album. I have been recording at Veneto West Studio and the Amazing Saint Claire Recording in Kentucky. I have been lucky enough to put together a dream band of Tony Levin, Terry Bozzio, Pat Mastelotto and Mike Keneally. Speaking of Bozzio I recently recording the basics for the Terry Bozzio's new Jazz trio album.

I recently finished up mixing for the new album for Jared Young.

Our Home Recording Boot Camp program is still going strong. We have another 6 day workshop in LA in the first week of May.

Lots of cool stuff coming up including producing an album in Iceland this summer and some touring in Italy in the Fall

July 5, 2005

Jay Terrien has nagged me into getting a new newes update up so people do not think I am dead so here you go:

JAY TERRIEN (with Pat Mastelotto)

There is of course the Jay's new record which I just finished. Its actually turned out to be an pretty amazing record. Jay plays 5 and 6 string basses and and I teamed him up with acoustic and electric drummer Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister, XTC). There is nothing on the album except bass, drums and some remarkable groove programming by Pat. I   produced, recorded and mixed the whole record at my studio and it was mastered by Stephen Marsh at Threshold Sound and Vision.

LIVES OF THE SAINTS live in Italy (with Tony Levin, Willie Oteri, Cookie Morenco..)

My ambient looping project, Lives of the Saints headed over to Italy for some live shows including opening for Willie Oteri, and getting to play 45, a 45 hour non stop improvised music festival organized byt Chris Boulet and Willie Oteri. I played for about 12 hours of the show in a few sets and was lucky enough to share the stage with Tony Levin, P. Mike III, John Capobianco, Shroeder, Cookie Morenco and many others. Its was an amazing time. There is another 45 festival coming up in October that I am hoping to head over for. I also spent some time working with Willie Oteri, laying the ground work for his next release and taugh a few recording workshops I the area..


Veneto West Studio has been doing a lot of upgrades lately. We have have upgraded the pro tools system and added a 36 channel D&R Series 4000 console from the Netherlands. Its currently in pieces as I have ripped it apart to clean and refurbish and Jon Leahey is building a custom hard wood frame for it. We are trying to make it match another nice addition to the studio, a new amp: a "Brenda K" by Jule amps, which is one of the best recording amps I have ever heard.         


I have recently finished mixing an album for Orange County singer/songwriter Russ Bartalotta as well as a EP for industrial rock band October Turnback which features former Veneto West intern Zack Landreneau.


Home Recording Boot Camp still continues to be a lot of fun, the last session had a great group of students and special guests from A Designs and Royer Mics. The upcoming 6 day program in LA has students coming form as far away as Canada and Samoa!


I have written about Loveday before (ex-members of Printed in Slovenia) and the Loveday album is finally fished and going to mastering (Barry Corliss) next week. Also the Kellee Bradley album is back from manufacturing and looks and sounds great.


I am currently working on mixing the CGT+2 live album, which is the California Guitar Trio plus Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto recorded live at the Key Club. The album has already been released but I am remixing it for the new release





Since it's the end of February, 2005 and I am just now writing my 2004 end of year wrap up, it gives you a little clue about what life is like and getting crazier by the day. The newsletter is pretty long but there is tons going on and I send very few long newsletters rather than spam email boxes with lots of short ones.


King Crimson, Ulver, Anthony Curtis (Tony Levin, Mike Keneally, Lewis Pragasam, Jeff Gauthier), Willie Oteri, The Broken Remotes, Vanya Keen, Love Day, Hypnoise, The Uno Soundtrack (Ulver, Tom McRae), Pete Teo, Hyaline, Love Day, Bill Forth (w/Pat Mastelotto), Kellee Bradley, Tom Heasley, Hurricane Mason, Debbie Lewin, John Clinebell, Wayne Hankin (Cirque du Soleil) (see second half of the newsletter for details)


I have started a new recording education program called HOME RECORDING BOOT CAMP, designed to teach musicians how to better record on their own. I have been doing 1-day, 2-day and 6-day workshops in LA, Seattle and Italy. The program has been running for about 6 months and is really turning into something cool. I am also doing a lot more private consulting for artists and home recordists.


I have just launched VENETO WEST RADIO, a series of on demand streaming radio shows featuring lots of my own productions as well as great independent artists from around the world. The shows also feature interviews and live in studio performances (our premier episode features guitarist / looper Andre LaFosse.)


After many years of supporting other artists in the studio and on the road, I have started doing my own work as an artist again, doing ambient work under the name LIVES OF THE SAINTS. It is based on a lot of collaborations, but mostly with guitarist Bill Forth. We have two albums in the works and will be touring throughout California and Italy this spring.  


A few other things in the works for this year: We may be launching Veneto West records which I hope to be a bit like ECM records but a bit edgier, and I am also planning "Veneto West Presents" which will be an ambient and experimental concert series in LA.


I am co-moderating an Internet forum where we chat about recording methods and education called the "recording forum" at


The recording highlight of this last year had to have been working on the new Hypnoise album in Italy called "Saint Valentines Porno Bar". We spent 5 weeks making a vintage psychedelic rock record in the year 2004, using all analog gear (including all the effects).   We recorded and mixed the whole album in a 15 th century villa, a 13 th century church and on the streets of Venice. Check out the web site dedicated to the recording . At the end of the trip my girlfriend and I were able to spend a few days in Venice at one of the most wonderful hotels in the world, The Metropole Hotel, whose owners were great supporters of the album.


This spring I got to spend a few weeks working with the Norwegian group, Ulver, which was a big thrill for me as I have been a fan of theirs for some time. I did some mixing and additional production on their new album "Blood Inside" which is set for release next month. We also brought in Wayne Hankin, Mike Kenneally and Jeff Gauthier to play on the album. Around that same Ulver was also in the middle of working on the soundtrack for the Norwegian film Uno. We spent a day recording material for the soundtrack with Ulver, Jeff, myself playing harmonium, and singer-songwriter Tom McRae and his band. The guys from Ulver then took the tracks back to Norway and molded them into part of the soundtrack. Uno went on to be a box office smash in Norway, being the number 3 grossing film in the country and spending many months in theatres. Only Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings surpassed it!   Since buying my harmonium I have played it on only two international projects: This one was a box office smash and the other was Pete Teo's album in Malaysia which spent 3 months in the top 10. Must be something magic in that harmonium?!?!?!


Speaking of Pete Teo, in my last newsletter I mentioned that Pete's album, which I produced, engineer and played on, was nominated for 4 "Malaysian Grammies". NARAS, the Grammy organization, wrote me to inform me that these were indeed not "Grammy" awards, which is a trademark, and that I should have said AIM awards, and they wanted me to correct that. "Grammy" is common nomenclature for these awards in Malaysia, but it is indeed incorrect. Sorry for the confusion ... by the way, the record won 2 out of the 4.


The Anthony Curtis album "Book of the Key", Featuring Tony Levin, Lewis Pragasam, Mike Keneally, Jeff Gauthier and myself is finally out on Norwegian label Jester Records. The advance buzz on the album is really good.


I am starting work on the new album by Willie Oteri, and will be spending some time recording with him in Italy later this spring. The new record will be part 2 of the album "Spiral Out from the same sessions, featuring King Crimson Rhythm section Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto.


The band Wiley that I have mentioned in previous posts changed their name to "The Broken Remotes" and finally released their debut album on Room 206 records. The record has been getting spins on LA based commercial radio station Indie 103, and we are currently in the studio working on new material.


King Crimson finally released what is probably my favorite work I ever did with them. One of the early things I worked on with King Crimson was the first ProjeKct One release featuring Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Trey Gunn and Bill Brufford and was based on 4 nights of improvisations. There was a piece I had a particular amount of fun with where I dug into the mellower improvs and built one long 29-minute track. I mixed all the material and edited it into a piece and took solos from one night and put them over other sections, etc. It did not end up fitting the vibe of the first release, but has always been my favorite work I did with King Crimson and laid the groundwork for productions I would later do with some of the King Crimson members on albums by Willie Oteri and Anthony Curtis. The track was released this year as the first half of "ProjeKct One: Jazz Café Suite". Also recently released is "ProjeKct Three Live in Austin", which I recorded. This pushes the number of King Crimson albums I have been involved with to somewhere around 14 or so.


I have had a chance to work as a producer / mixer with a few very interesting looping/ambient artists lately including Bill Forth whose album we are in the middle of and features percussion contributions by King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto. I also had a chance to do some mixing work with ambient Tuba player Tom Heasley, who I hope to have as a guest on Veneto West Radio in the near future. Although it does not seem obvious, Tom's ambient tuba work is really quite beautiful. Listen for him on an upcoming episode of Veneto West Radio.


Just a few weeks ago I finished producing and mixing the new album by Kellee Bradley. It's our second record together. The first album we did together won the JPF award for best contemporary album of the year and a song on the new album won the USA songwriting contest award for best lyrics of year.


Tomorrow I am back in the studio getting to work with a wonderful LA based singer songwriter named Debbie Lewin, and also this year I had a chance to work with recent LA transplant John Clinebell on one track. I have also been working on new tracks with Swedish singer Vanya Keen.


Earlier this year a great rock band from Oklahoma came out to LA to have me mix their new album that had been recorded by engineer Les Morman. A great album for fans of AC/DC, Black Crowes, Government Mule, etc.


The band Printed in Slovenia, who I produced an album for a few years ago, has changed their guitar player and their name and are now known as "Loveday". The new line up sounds really strong and we have been working on tracks for the new album over the last 6 months.


Launching Home Recording Boot Camp has really increased my speaking engagements and consulting work. This last year I spoke at SXSW, The TAXI Road Rally, The Nashville New Music Conference & The American Composers Forum in addition to personal speaking engagements in the US and Europe. My partner Liz Redwing and I have also been doing a lot of industry consulting including repping several artists at the MIDEM conference in Cannes, France.

If you made it this far, thanks very much.

Support independent music and small business!!!





The Complete lack of news on the Veneto West site is not for lack of news but just the opposite. This last year has been crazy in lost of good ways, but I have barely had much free time to sleep much less do news updates. As I write this its is almost early February and I am still trying to make time to write my 2004 year end wrap up news letter. In addition to all my production and mixing work, Veneto West is branching out with multiple projects including education (Home Recording Boot Camp), An internet radio show, a liver performance series and possibly even a record company. Also my own musical project "Lives of the Saints" has been kicking into high gear and currently recording our next two albums as well as gearing up for some touring. Also I have been moderating and internet recording forum over at Keep checking back and I will get a full report up here soon I hope.



Pete Teo, the Malaysian artist that I produced last year, has continued to defy the odds. The first single spent 3 months in the top 10, including 3 weeks in the #2 position. The album is up for several AIM awards in Malaysia (the equivalent of an American Grammy, but not affiliated with NARAS), including at least one where I am nominated for my work. "Rustic Living for Urbanites" has been one of the biggest selling English language albums by a Malaysian artist of the last couple decades. We are now looking to break Pete¹s record outside of Asia. He has been featured on the BBC, NPR and the NHK. Any interested labels should contact me.

Check out my Tape Op interview at:

My new studio is still a work in progress but I have already recorded and/or mixed many albums there. I am still making some changes to the structure and building up the gear collection, but its already a comfy place that¹s been a lot of fun for people to hang out and work in. Its about 10 minutes from Venice beach The great surprise is that it has a really great sounding drum room. I have put a few early pictures up on my web site for the curious. I will build a real page soon.

The first album completely recorded and mixed in my new studio was "The Book of the Key" by Anthony Curtis featuring Anthony on guitar and oud, also Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, John Lennon) on Chapman Stick and bass, Lewis Pragasam (Asia Beat) on drums, Mike Keneally (Zappa, Steve Vai) on keys, Jeff Gauthier (Cryptogramaphone, Yusef Lateef) on violin, and me playing harmonium. The album is a mind blowing epic mix of jazz, prog and world music. Anthony is one of the most technically advanced guitarists on the planet and a truly unique artist. His last album was named Billboard magazine¹s progressive album of the year. There is a documentary on the making of the album by Elf Films.

King Crimson released the second installment of the ProjeKct One sessions, which features Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn, Bill Brufford, and Tony Levin. The first half of the album is one long track that I produced and mixed a few year back and was put together with a few additional tracks for the release. These are the last sessions with legendary drummer, Bill Brufford, as a member of King Crimson.

The first album to get mixed at the new studio was the debut album by The Hellboys. I started this album at my old studio and did the final mix in the new room. The Hellboys is the brain child of singer/guitarist Tom Redmond and features an amazing cast of musicians: Tony Levin, The California Guitar Trio, Jerry Marotta, Tony Geballe, Robert Fripp, Bill Forth (and I play a little bit on it as well). I have to say that it may be the weirdest album I have ever worked on. Really wonderful.

ULVER (and Tom McRae)
I recently spent a few weeks mixing and doing additional production for the Norwegian band Ulver. I have been a fan of theirs for several years, so it was really exciting to finally get a chance to work with them. The album is like nothing you will have ever heard. Its heavy and atmospheric and truly original. In addition to working on the new Ulver album we also worked on recording some music for the upcoming Norwegian film "Uno" We had British singer/songwriter Tom McRae (db/BMG) join us with his band in the studio to work on new material for the soundtrack.

The last record I finished in the old studio was for Colorado band, Plastic Parachute. We started the album in Boulder (Rav¹en Studio) and then overdubbed and mixed at my old studio. The young female fronted band, which is sort of a cross between No Doubt and Jimmy Eat World has been touring around the middle of the US, getting airplay on several radio stations around the U.S. and set sales records for a local band in a few stores in their home town. Keep a look out for them on the west coast as we begin the big major label push for the band.

WAYNE HANKIN (Cirque du Soleil)
I have been fortunate to have one of the most diverse careers as a producer of almost anyone I know, and the point was really driven home when I had Wayne Hankin and about half of Cirque du Soleil¹s Verakai band in the studio working on a Jews harp album. Wayne is an amazing player and his writing and playing will certainly change the way you think about the Jew¹s harp. As much as I never thought I would say this: This Jew¹s harp record rocks!

Wiley is a band fronted by Jon Leahy. Jon, aside from writing great songs is also a skilled carpenter and has helped me build the new studio. He has been such a huge asset to my company and the studio over the last few months that I could not have imagined building the new studio without him. The record is a lot of fun. Its sort of like the more rawkus side of the Replacements but with a heavy punk drummer. The album should be out in the next couple of months.

Jim was one of the first guinea pig projects to come into the new studio. We had planned on only doing some quick guitar/ vocal demos of some of his new songs but once we got into it, decided to make it a full album and brought in a cast of musicians to flush it out. It¹s a great rock album with a hint of country in the tradition of bands like Wilco and the Replacements. It was so much fun to work on with lots of people hanging out playing lots of different instruments (I play guitar drums and bass on it), it sounds like a party.

For any of you who have been following my newsletters, you may remember Bakersfield band, Printed in Slovenia, who I produced an album for a couple years ago. I have been working with them off and on producing tracks for the new album. I will write more about this later when the album is done.

I produced an album for Kellee Bradley a few years ago that won the Just Plain Folks award for Contemporary album of the Year and we recently teamed up to start work on her new album. We just finished 7 new songs up in Index, Washington (about an hour East of Seattle) at Paradise Sound (hands down my favorite studio in the world). I had an amazing time working on the songs. Not only were the songs great and the players cool, but it was so great to be working in such an awesome studio doing a 100% analog record. Although I am a huge fan of analog, its seems these days that Pro Tools ends up being part of the equation. Its easy to forget what a great feeling and how much fun it is to do straight analog records, but that¹s a whole essay for another time. I took a couple days off in the middle of Kellee¹s record to work on a new single with Michael J Hedges, whom I have previously produced an album for. The new single will be on an upcoming album and we also did an alternate version (with Kellee Bradley singing) that he is pitching to a few artists and publishing companies.

I have some fun things in the works over the next few month, but I will write about them the next time. Thanks!

For any information about future projects or booking contact my Manager Liz Redwing, 818-415-7674, or feel free to contact me at 310-200-9010

News as of Dec 4, 2003
Sorry for the lateness of this news update, but I have had very very little time off since the spring and so much has been happening that the task of trying to update this just keeps getting more daunting. So I am going to try and update things a little now. Here Goes:

I am building a new commercial studio in the Culver City section of Los Angeles. I have been putting off owning a studio for a long time, but the time is right now. It is just about up and running (we have had a few guinea projects in already). Its going to be a very comfortable place with a large format analog console and a good live room. I am not going to try and compete with the giant studios in LA, but I am building the place as a really comfy space for my clients to work, and a place that my production clients with smaller budgets can still make cool albums without spending tons on studio rentals. The studio rates will be very low for my indie production & mixing clients. I will get photos up on the web site as soon as I get a chance.

Things are still going great with Malaysian artist Pete Teo, he was featured on internationally syndicated radio show "The World" co produced by the BBC and Public Radio International in the US. It was broadcast around the world and needless to say all his albums on CD Baby sold out the day it was broadcast. He was also featured on the NHK (the Japanese equivalent of the BBC) for a full hour to coincide with his Japan tour. He also did a 3 night sold out concert series in Kuala Lumpur sponsored by Heineken.

A few months back when Microsoft debuted its new Windows Media Player, Bill Gates hosted a press conference to show off the product. To show off the quality of the player he used an album that I produced and mixed, The Electric Gauchos, which featured members of Los Gauchos Almeande plus Trey Gunn of King Crimson, Bill Reiflin from Ministry and REM, Steve Ball and many others.

I just finished producing and mixing an album for the Hell Boys. Its tough to try and explain but it¹s the brainchild of Tom Redmond, a guy that you would never expect to front a who¹s who of rock album, but sure enoughŠ The album features The California Guitar Trio, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Robert Fripp, Tony Geballe, Bill Forth and a few more of us makin¹ noise. The album goes from beautiful, to heavy, to some stuff that is just down right weird.

I produced and album for a great band from Denver called plastic parachute. They have been described as a mix of No Doubt and Jimmy Eat World. The album is getting a great buzz and been getting to radio playlists around the South and Northwest. The touring has been going really well and the buss is certainly kicking in.

I started the tracking for a new record by Really Truly, a new band fronted by pro Snowboarder Dave Lee and one of my favorite drummers Jade Devit.

The Willie Oteri album that I produced with Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto , Mike Keneally etc has been released on the Japanese label DIW and available in North America through Koch. You can find it in almost any Tower records in the US. His tours of Japan and Italy have been met with great response. Southern California based Music Connection Magazine feature Willie in their signing stories column a couple weeks ago.

News as of March 30, 2003

Since I have been really swamped and had no time to update this, I am just going to post my latest newsletter here for news. Here ya go:


The big news is that I actually have a couple days off in LA to get this newsletter done. The 8 months since my last newsletter have been the busiest of my entire career. I am trying to get this done before I head off to speak at the SXSW conference in Austin next week for the 5th year in a row. If any one is going and interested in meeting contact me (info at bottom) or my manager Liz Redwing to set up a meeting

LINT (Sweden)
I have just returned from Sweden where I started an album I am producing for the band Lint, a fantastic rock/ alternative band from Stockholm. The band has the distinction of sending me what are probably the best demos I have ever received from a band. We will be finishing the album at my studio in LA next month. And they will be doing lots of Showcases on the US West Coast in May.

PETE TEO (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
I was lucky enough to spend almost 7 weeks producing an album in Kuala Lumpur this last Fall, with Malaysian artist Pete Teo. Pete was half of a very successful Hong Kong Canta-pop band called Zhong Yeh. This was Pete¹s first album as a solo artist and a very different album. It¹s a English language, dark and quirky singer songwriter album. We made an album that brought in influences from the diverse cultures of Malaysia. It has Chinese classical musicians, traditional Malaysian instruments and Indian percussion (compliments of percussion legend Louis Pragasam) and Japanese bassist Hayakawa. The album is creating a huge buzz even before its release. It has even been described as one of the best albums to ever come out of Malaysia. Its is gathering lots of support and press in Malaysia and its expected to be an number one record in that country. The album has been mastered for SACD (Super Audio CD) by audiophile guru Leo Fung.

SENSUS (England)
In January I was in England producing an EP for the band Sensus. Sensus has been described as a mix of Nirvana, the Pixies and Radiohead. The EP ends in a fantastic orchestra of feedback! The band was a blast to work with and it was fun to be back in the UK. I had not been there in almost 2 years since I was there doing all the work with Robert Fripp and King Crimson

Before I left for Sweden I produced a record for great old school metal band Voodoo Temple. Its always fun for me to do metal records and this one was really cool because they are influence by a lot of the stuff I loved growing up, like Slayer, Celtic Frost and old Metallica. I got the album mastered by mastering legend Eddy Schryer who made is sound absolutely gargantuan. As I write this Voodoo Temple is playing the New Jersey Metalfest.

On a completely different front I produced 5 more songs for a wonderful Seattle based singer-songwriter Michael J Hedges. About 2 years ago I produced an EP for him and we went back into Paradise Sound (a.k.a. my fave studio in the world) to do these additional songs to make it a full album.

Certainly the band with the best name, I produced and album for new band "Printed in Slovenia" a female fronted rock-pop band. I met their singer a few years ago at SXSW and we finally had a chance to do an album together. It¹s a really cool album and a lot of fun. When we started the album they were without rhythm section so I brought in one of my favorite drummers, Jade Devitt, and Jerry Pinkston, the bass player of Galapagos (perhaps the best band in LA).

I produced the Willie Oteri record before the last newsletter, but it looks like we have secured an international deal for its release. Look for it in the next couple months. For anyone that did not get the last newsletter; Willie is a guitar player from Texas and his album features Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Seal, John Lennon) on Bass, Ephraim Owens on Trumpet, Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister, XTC) on drums and Me and Mike Keneally (Zappa, Steve Vai) on keys. It¹s one of my favorite albums I have ever been a part of.

I recorded a jazz album with the group, Babaganoush, led by guitarist Jimmy Mehliss and features Zappa drummer Ralph Humphreys on drums, Jerry Watts on bass and Andy Suzuki on sax. It¹s a very cool mix of modern jazz and traditional Greek music.

I already mentioned this project in a previous newsletter, but some cool things have happened. Aside from the last single being #2 on the Nordic MTV top 5, it was one of 4 songs picked up for a sampler put out my Coca-Cola in Spain, which they released 400,000 copies of.

Swedish band Willowtree was in the US to play the Van¹s Warped Tour and while they were here we hopped into the studio to record one track in between gigs.

LIZ REDWING (Los Angeles)
As of the last newsletter, my manager Liz Redwing had just left Tsunami management and was starting up her own company. Redwing Management is now if full swing with a small stable of producers as well as lots of A&R and industry consulting work. She can be reached at or 818-766-7674

News as of July 20, 2002
Long overdue here is another news update and there has been tons going on. You can check out a recent, more detailed newsletter here

Some highlights since the last news include finishing a new album for Jamie Walters. Jamie has already sold a couple million records and was the last artist to have a number one record on Capitol Records, so we have high hopes for this one. Jamie was also a star of the show Beverly Hills 90210 for the last few Seasons (as Ray Pruit).

I finished producing an amazing record for Texas guitarist Willie Oteri. Its probably the best jazz/progressive album I have ever done. Its got Tony Levin on bass, Pat Mastelotto on Drums, Mike Keneally and I play keys and Ephraim Owens on Trumpet.

The King Crimson album Vrooom Vrooom, which I mixed half of, was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars in Downbeat Magazine.

I recently recording a new album for Babaganoush, a great new Jazz group featuring guitarist Jimmy Mehliss, Saxophonist Andy Suzuki, bassist Jerry Watts and drummer Ralph Humpreys, who was Frank Zappas drummer for many albums in the 70s.

I produced a track with the Swedish band Willowtree who was over in the US to play the Vans Warped Tour.

Some other projects include mixing albums for Chic Street Man, Steven Takeuchi, and producing an EP for Huck Flynn.

I have a new manager. Liz Redwing will be coordinating all my production and mixing projects. Liz has worked in publishing at Interscope Music, A&R at Atlantic, Michael Dixon Management and most recently with Tsunami Entertainment. She has started her own producer management firm and I am proud to be one of her first clients. She can be reached at 818-415-7674 or

I have been doing a lot of press lately and hired Curtis Smith at Maelstrom Music PR to handle it all for me. Curtis has been doing a great job can be reached at, 562-799-1547. Look for upcoming interviews or features on me in Tape Op, Modern Fix, Reels of Dreams, Live Magazine, Percussioni (Italy), The issue of Percussioni will also include a CD compilation of some of my work.

News as of January 13, 2002
The year is off to a great start and I am optimistic that it will continue. After getting to spend some time with my family over the holidays I headed Austin to do some tracking for the new Jazz Gunn album that I am producing. Jazz Gunn is the brainchild of Texas based guitarist Willie Oteri. Last fall Willie made two trips to LA to work on pre-production at my studio, Silent Way. We wrote a bunch of material and then talked my pals Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto into hooking up with us in Austin to start recording. The material is amazing and I am so excited about this album. Willie is going to come back to LA in February for us to do some overdubs and mix. Fans of old jazz fusion and King Crimson will love this record.

I am packing now to head back to the MIDEM conference in France to try and promote a few of my recent projects and try and get some international licensing deals taken care of. After France I am off to Italy to do some interviews with a few Italian magazines and then to meet up with My dear friends in the band Hypnoise (who long time readers will know I worked with a few years ago). I will do some writing with their singer P. Mike III and revel in La dolce vita for a little while.

Speaking of press I have been getting a fair amount of it lately. Looks like the next issue of Tape Op will have a feature on me, Live Magazine has a feature on me and a few web site have done some interesting interviews with me. Check out The guy who did it was really good.

Aside from finishing up the Jazz Gunn record there are some cool things lined up for February that I can not really talk about until they have happened, but its cool stuff.

Lots of good things have happened since my last update. One very cool note is that at this years Just Plain Folks awards, a record I did with Kellee Bradley won contemporary album of the year and the first track won contemporary song of the year. The live King Crimson record, Vroom Vroom that I mixed half of got a 4.5 out of 5 stars in Downbeat magazine.

Producer, Robert Simms (Afroman, Ric Hard) has been producing tracks for Even Rude and I have popped in to help in out with the drum sounds and some of the mixing.

News as of Nov 12, 2001
Back at my regular news updating spot in Seattle at Master Works Studio getting a new record I just produced mastered by my friend Barry Corliss who regular readers will know has mastered dozens of albums for me. The current album is the debut album by Omni, a record we started earlier this year, took some time away and have now finished out at Paradise Sound where Pat Sample worked with me on the engineering side of things. To the extent I can be objective about things I was involved with creating, its a pretty amazing album. Its beautiful, heavy, rich. If you are into Tool, King Crimson, Incubus, or Radiohead you will probably dig this record when it comes out.

I have started pre-production on the new album by Austin based, Willie Oteris Jazz Gunn (no connection with Trey Gunn). We are just about to dive back into it to do a bunch of work on the writing and arranging before getting some amazing players in the studio with us to lay down the tracks (news about the players after the sessions). It looks like we will be working in Austin Texas, and a few places around LA, including my own Silent Way Studio.

For those of you interested in the King Crimson aspect of my work, I recently did an interview for a King Crimson fan site, which you can see on line

Speaking of King Crimson There is a new King Crimson album coming out called Vroom Vroom, a two-disc set that I mixed the first of the 2 discs. My pal, Ken Latchney mixed the second disc.

I recently did some mix and overdub work for the band, No Mans Jinn from Florida, whose singer just relocated to LA. We are scheduled to work on a few more tracks in the coming weeks.

News as of August 16, 2001
In an hour or two I take off to meet up with The California Guitar Trio and Tony Levin to mix their live show tonight in LA. I toured with them (plus drummer Pat Mastelotto) earlier this year and we recorded a live album that has just been release. You can order it at

On other news some good things have been happening for a couple of my Indie artists. Kellee Bradley has been kicking ass as usual and landed some great shows. She pinch hit for the wallflowers and opened for John Melancamp in front of 15,000 people. She also has a show coming up with Crosby, Stills and Nash, and lots of other cool folks.

Swedish Latin/alterna rockers Yellow Fever have been doing really well. The album that I produced from them last fall features a track called -ce va va va- in Spanish and has been released as a single. The single has been getting airplay in Scandinavia and South America, and strangely enough in several markets around Spain. The only reason I say this is strange is because the record has not been released in Spain and there has been no touring or promotion there yet. It has just some how taken off on its own. Another track I produced from the album will be on a soundtrack for a new movie from the makers of American Pie and it looks like the other bands on the disc will be the likes of Lit, Blink182, and Green Day.

I had a strange conversation last week. I was doing a little bit of work for a heavy industrial band from Virginia called Krell and the singer mentioned how it must bum me out to have to work on heavy stuff like this since I work with serious bands like King Crimson. I don't know where this whole thing came from but seems to be a perception about me that since I do a lot of serious prog rock and folk records that I am not into the Heavy or extreme stuff. Obviously people have not seen my personal collection. I think the work I did with heavy bands like Christdriver and Satovan is some of my best work. I love the diversity of my career. I would go craxy if I could not bounce between Metal and Classical. Or folk to electronic. I have been a lot luckier than most in that respect.

I have been working with LA hip hop producer Robert Simms to help make some beats for some of his artists. One of his artists Afro Man has been blowing up pretty big these days

News as of July 17, 2001
Things have been chaotic as usually, but also as usual I am having a lot of fun. Since the last news installment I have been traveling and juggling a few projects.

Swedish pop singer Vanya flew to LA to work on a few tracks with me. I had a blast getting to play most of the instruments myself, and getting to bring in a few old friends. Jade Devitt came in to play some percussion and a bit of drums and Matty Goodman from the band Ike came in to play a bunch of bass. Very cool tracks. Vanya was the first project to really test drive the new studio. I have intentionally kept the studio very small and simple since I travel or book other studios for most of my projects, but it is working out really well for certain things. It still does not have a name yet, but I am thinking of calling it -Bridge of Sighs West-. I am still looking for suggestions.

After finishing the Vanya tracks I headed up to Seattle to work on a new album for the band, Omni. Omni is a really amazing band. Great players and very cool songs. Their music is sort of a mix of New Tool, old King Crimson, Primus and Radiohead. The stuff is really powerful and they are still really young (19 year olds). I am fairly sure that you will be seeing a lot about them either as a band or individual players over the next few years. We finished most of the album but I am going to head up at the end of the summer to do some more over dubbing and mixing.

I also had some time in Seattle to do some more work with Mary Shokes developing material for the album we are working on together. And perhaps the highlight of Seattle was spending the 4th of July at the Monroe Speedway and getting to watch full contact figure 8 school bus racing!! I love America!!! I also picked up a wonderful new CD by Seattle artist Alicia Dara. check it out at

when I got back to LA, I started work on a new record for LA based singer/songwriter Alison Balson. It has been going very well and we might even finish up by this coming weekend. I managed to sneak in a day off from the Alison record to do a remix of one track from the Kerry Lauder Band record that I produced a few months back. Look for the Kerry Lauder Band disc to be out next month with a tour to follow.

My friend P Mike III from the band Hypnoise in Italy has been sending me demos of his new solo albums. There are some really great songs that could turn into something really beautiful.

LA based music magazine, the music connection did a feature on me last month, which I have posted in my writings and press section of the web site. In their series of features on producers, mine came between Paul Okenfield and Phil Ramone. I am certainly happy to be in that kind of company.

News as of May 24, 2001
Well there are several big news items for this installment. The biggest being that, in the fine tradition of Prince changing his name to some unpronounceable squiggle and Puff Daddy changing his name to P. Diddy, I am changing the way my name appears on all of my professional credits. I have been listed as R. Chris Murphy on almost all of my credits for the my entire career, but I am now switching and writing the whole thing out: Ronan Chris Murphy. As strange as it might seem to make a name switch in my early thirties with an mountain of album credits out there, it makes sense. The first initial has not really separated me from several other very successful Chris Murphys in my field, Including Chris Murphy the mixer (from my old home town) who has a few platinum records to his credit, Chris Murphy the manager of INXS, Chris Murphy guitarist of the very successful Canadian band Sloan (who I think also produces records), as well as Scores of recording artists with the name Chris Murphy. So Ronan Chris Murphy it is on all my records from this point on.

The new studio is up and running and was inaugurated with a mix for Seattle based punk band, Not in the Face. I have also started pre-production with a number of artist in the studio for upcoming albums. I

I am currently in the studio mixing some tracks for a as yet un-named band that features Jade Devitt on drums (who played on the Josh White, Kelly June, and Kellee Bradley records that I produced) and Paul dAmour on bass, who was in the band Lusk as well as the bass player on the first few Tool albums.

Just another man, a track for the album for Yellow Fever that I produced in Stockholm last winter is going to be on the sound track of a new film called repli kate, being made by the same people that did American Pie. Look for the movie to hit theaters this fall.

Last month I got to work on a few tracks with my friend Kelly June before she left LA for her new home in North Carolina. She will be missed. Next on the plate for me is working on a few tracks with Swedish artist, Vanya Keen who will be showing up in LA next week. This project has been in planning for a long time and it will be great to finally get into the music.

News as of April 4, 2001

The most exciting news is that I am at home in LA!! After spending almost all of the last half a year traveling, I am at home and hoping to spend most of the spring and summer here. I am putting lots of work into the new company as well as working on some records locally here in LA. I am also getting the new offices up and running and putting in a small studio. The studio is as yet un-named but I am working on that and open to suggestions. It needs to tie into the whole Veneto, North Italy theme.

So the last couple months have been a blast. I went to MIDEM which was great. I always feel pretty lucky when I get to spend a week hanging out with my friends on the French Mediterranean and can legitimately call it work. I did not get much sleep, but I did get some good business done.

I left France and arrived back in LA at 7pm and by 10am the next morning I was out on tour with the California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto. What a great time that was. Every body in the group is a good friend and amazing musician, and who would not love a couple weeks on the road with the best rhythm section in rock? We did about 10 shows around California. I mixed front of house which I almost never do, but could not pass up an opportunity to be out with these guys. I also recorded a live album that will be available via mail order in the future. The tour was very low key and I had to invent a recording set up each night, so I am not sure the album will sound that great, but the music is wonderful.

After the tour I went up to Seattle and did a couple days of mixing with a band called Ubik, that was doing a cool mix of rock and electronica and very nice folks. I finished that and started the next day doing pre-production with the Kerry Lauder Band.

The Kerry Lauder Band had recently lost their bass player so Tony Levin was kind enough to help me out on the record. He put up a very cute web site about it Tony is such an tremedous asset to everything he plays on. He brought so much to the project. He has a great ability to come into a project and really bring his own voice as an artist into it and still stay true to the goals of the production. I consider myself quite lucky for being able to do records with him. I learn a lot!!

The Kerry Lauder Band record was everything I got into this business for. We camped out at Paradise Sound for a few weeks which is such a beautiful place in the mountains, the weather was perfect. The songs on the record are really good and the folks in the band were fantastic to work with: Really kind folks that were open to new ideas and lots of fun to hang out with. A special bonus of the session was the violin player, Mary Shokes, had her beautiful 4 month old daughter with her the whole time. The baby gave the whole project such a great vibe that I think I am just going to rent babies for every projects from now on. Mary was also a great singer and I am trying to rope her into doing an album with me where we write and perform all the songs together. It might be a while before it sees the light of day, but it will be great once we get there.

We were recording at Paradise when the big Earthquake hit Seattle. It was Scary as Hell!!! The whole studio was bouncing up and down and big chunks of the mountains were falling off. I have been in a couple earthquakes and I am quite done with it. I don't need to every do that again.

After finishing the Kerry Lauder Band Record I went down to Austin Texas to speak at the SXSW conference for the third year in a row. Austin is always a good time and always good for business. The big highlights of the trip were getting to see my friends from the Swedish band Yellow Fever, a great band called the Coffee Sergeants and to see one of my new favorite bands, Nerdie from Finland that is so great it will make your head spin. If they do not get huge, there is no justice in the world.

News as of February 1, 2001

Hello from the road. I am in the middle of a tour with The California Guitar Trio joined by Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto. The shows have been a blast, with great turn outs and boy does this band rock!! We have been running around Northern California and are now finishing up a Southern California leg.

MIDEM was a blast and very successful. There are some very good things in the works for some of my clients (which I cant really talk about), but all in a great success.

News as of January 6, 2001

For those of you who may have thought we had gone out of business due to the lack of news updates, it has been just the opposite. I have been completely swamped, traveling tons and the business is in the midst of a significant expansion.

The big news is that I have launched a new company called "Veneto West", an artist management, consulting and product evangelizing company. Look for details at in the near future. Veneto West has one exclusive artist deal with an amazing pop band called Saint Friday (more info later). We also have deals to promote products for a wide range of artist projects including Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield¹s new album with Paul Speer, Sweden¹s Yellow Fever and singer songwriter Michael Oneill. I will be at MIDEM in Cannes, France later this month working to match albums with labels and distributors overseas. Veneto West will also be offering consulting services to the music industry; primarily bands that are seeking direction but are not ready for a full management deal and recording studios looking to make changes in their equipment or marketing strategies.

Amidst all the business expansion I have also been able to make a lot of records and spend a lot of time traveling. Here in LA I worked on a few songs as a mixer for the Space Twins, a new band featuring Brian Bell from the band Weezer. I also began work with the band Saint Friday, which began as a production gig and has evolved into a full production/management deal. Saint Friday is an amazing and truly unique band. It is comprised of three young brothers that grew up in The United States and Greece. They write fantastic classic pop melodies but delivered with the modern edge of bands like Radiohead and Cold Play. The music also incorporates subtle elements of the Greek music that they grew up with. We recorded a 5 song EP that is already in heavy rotation on Americas largest Greek radio station, several weeks before the EPs official release. The band is building a steady following in southern California already headlining weekend shows in the highly competitive LA sunset strip clubs.

I have been out of LA for much of the last three months. I spent a month working in Stockholm, Sweden producing the new album for Yellow Fever. Yellow Fever mixes latin music with alternative rock and comes out sounding something like Sugar Ray or Smash mouth with a horn section fronted by Ricky Martin. They might kill me for that description but I think it¹s a pretty good one. Get more info at

I spent a week in Toronto, Canada at Reaction studios working with Canadian R&B diva Armida Brigante. I recorded the vocals and mixed 7 songs for her upcoming release. Having lived in Canada for a couple years, I am always happy to be back in that country.

After Canada I settled into paradise sound outside of Seattle where I recorded an EP for Michael James Hedges, not to be confused with the late guitar legend Michael Hedges. I had a blast working with Michael. He is a great guy that writes cool songs. Michael did not have a band so I got to pull together some of my favorite Seattle musicians and even play some guitar, drums, percussion, keys and background vocals myself.

My month took a radical turn from Michaels laid back folk/rock to working with SATOVAN. Satovan is really haeavy, totally over the top but also has really unique and creative songwriting. Satovan is fronted by my long time friend, Colin Bush, who was the singer of the band Suck-a-tash that I produced an album for about 4 or 5 years ago. They are preparing to do an independent release, but I am banging on the doors of a few labels that might want to pick it up.

I also managed to spend the holidays with friends and family and even take a vacation to Iceland (my third).

I am now back in LA mixing a record for the Blue Bloods from Boston, trying to get ready for MIDEM and settling into the new offices. Veneto West and Eschaton Music Works have moved into a new commercial workspace in Marina del Rey, California just a few minutes from the beach and surrounded by great restaurants. The workspace will house our business offices and a small studio. The complex has been dubbed " The lion of Saint Mark Workspace".

After MIDEM, I am going out on tour for a couple weeks the California Guitar Trio (CGT) who will be joined by bass legend Tony Levin and King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto. We will be touring California. I am excited about this because the are all good friends and you can not find musicians of higher caliber. After the tour I will be heading up to Seattle again to produce the new album by the Kerry Lauder band at Paradise Sound. Paradise is just 30 minutes from Stevens Pass, so there will hopefully be some snowboarding in the picture. After doing Seattle I will be heading to the SXSW conference in Austin. I have spoken there for the last few years so I may again this year and will also have time for meetings if any one would like to set something up.

This will take me to April, when I a going to be trying to spend a lot more time in LA. I have an artist coming over from Europe to work on a few tracks with me and the business is growing and dispite what lots of people say, LA is a beautiful place to be. Its January and today I went walking along the beach watching the sunset in Sandals. Life aint too bad.

News as of August 28, 2000

I just wrote an article for the new issue of the Just Plain Folks newsletter, JP Notes. The news letter is a resource and networking mailing list for Songwriters that is now up to almost 8000 members. Check out for more info

Lots of good things happening for my artists and I these days. LA based singer/songwriter Kelly June who I was lucky enough to produce an album for a while back just had one of the songs we worked on together placed into one of MTVs original programs. Kellee Bradley, another Kellee (different spelling), just returned from a successful East Coast tour, sung the national anthem at a Seattle Mariners game for the second time and has been getting her material spun on Folk AC stations through out the country.

The two records I did for the Magna Carta Label: Steve Morse and the new Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin, Stevens album are both out and been getting rave reviews. The Ike record I just finished with a couple of the guys from Dishwalla is mixed and off to mastering.

King Crimson has just released a new compilation called " a young persons guide to the collectors club, which brings the number of King Crimson records I have worked on up to about 8.

It is gearing up to be a busy and diverse fall and winter for me. In a couple weeks I will be tracking vocals and mixing a few songs by Canadian R&B singer Armida. After that I go straight into production on a new record with Singer songwriter Michael James Hedges followed by the new album for hard rock outfit, Satovan. Very old readers of the Eschaton news might remember a record I did for a band called Suckatash many years ago. Satovan is that singers new band. The latter 2 records will be done up at Paradise Sound outside of Seattle, which many of you will know as my all time favorite place to work.

After the Satovan record I am off to Sweden to produce the new album for Swedish pop rock band, Yellow Fever. It looks like I will be working with a second Swedish artist immediately following Yellow Fever, but I¹ll keep you posted on that when it gets confirms.

I will be off to France and Italy again in January. I will be at the MIDEM conference in Cannes, France if any one is attending and interested in meeting. It Italy I hope to be doing a little more work on Italian band Hypnoise¹s Epic concept album, Saint Valentines Porno Bar. Until the next time.

News as of July 27, 2000

I am afraid that am going to have to start paying Barry Corliss at Masterworks extra money for the use of his studio as my writing room. I am back in Seattle working with Barry to master four new tracks for R&B singer Jon Day. It seems that the only time I get for these updates done is when Barry is mastering my records. Here is a link to his site, that should do it

Working with Jon day has been a blast. He is great singer in the style of Eric Benet and Brian Mcknight with a touch of Stevie Wonder. We just finished working out at Paradise Sound and were able to bring in a cast of great Seattle musicians including Jon¹s father Mallory day.

For those of you that follow the news, and are anxiously awaiting kayak race results: In the San Diego Bay2Bay race. I ended up taking 5th in my division (men¹s 5 mile open cockpit over 12 feet) and 5th over all in the men¹s 5 mile open cockpit. The 1st and 2nd place finishers actually skipped a buoyŠbut I won¹t gripe. I¹ll just win the thing next year.

I go back home to LA tomorrow and then leave the next day for Santa Barbara to finish the new record for Ike. I started the record for Ike earlier this month. The band has 2 of the members of Dishwalla (counting blue cars) and we have been recording in their private studio and will be mixing at a studio called Orange Whip. This will be my first mix on the new Oram console, which should be interesting. Look for details about the record at

The record I mixed for Steve Morse is out. Check out for more info. Rumor has it the Bozzio Levin Stevens record I recorded for Magna Carta is just around the corner as well.

News as of May 3, 2000
This news update is dedicated to Marion for kicking my butt into gear to get a new update posted. This comes from sunny LA.

The big news being that I have relocated the Eschaton headquarters and myself to Los Angeles. The day after I arrived I went into a Real Estate office to inquire about office space in the area. 5 minutes into the conversation the agent informed me that he was really an actor, but just doing the real estate thing until he gets things going. I knew I had definitely arrived in LA.

After arriving, aside from juggling meetings, I was able to take a couple weeks off to get things organized here and dedicate some time to training for an upcoming Sea Kayak race I will be competing in this June. I also just returned from a driving trip across the US (after purchasing a car on the East Coat). When I was 19, traveling across the US seemed like such an epic journey. My first trip crossing America was in 1986, traveling with a hardcore band called Unseen Force. It was a great time to be touring the hardcore scene. The band gigged with all sorts of great bands, like Agnostic Front, The Melvins, 7 Seconds. I was paid a total of 18 dollars for 5 1/2 weeks on the road, but got a fortune¹s worth of stories and adventures out of the deal. Some how my tours in later years, staying at the Ritz Carlton, just didn¹t have the same thrill.

These days after so many trips around the country and over to Europe, a trip across the US seems like a Sunday drive. I stopped in New Mexico to visit two great musicians . I had the pleasure of meeting them at the SXSW conference last month: Alex Maryol and Ken Valdez. They are both very young and very talented musicians to keep an eye on.

In other news. The record I went to Florida to mix turned out great. This was my first time working with Steve Morse, actually my first time meeting him and I have nothing but great things to say about him as a musician and a person. He was great to work with and I certainly hope we will find a way to work together again. Look for the record out on the Magna Carta label in the near future.

The Bozzio Levin Stevens record that I have been working on is finished. We were able to get Terry Brown in to help us with the final mixes. For those who don¹t know, Terry is the man that recorded all the classic Rush albums, as well as working with other greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, Voi Vod Š Its quite an honor for me to be working with him on a record.

South by Southwest was a great time again. The panel was a lot fun and I got to see a lot of great music and people. I certainly enjoy the perks of my job.

News as of March 6, 2000

This action packed news update comes to you from a Boeing 757 in the middle of far too action packed a day. I am on my way to Florida via Philadelphia to mix a record for Steve Morse, the legendary guitar player who founded the Dixie Dregs in the 70s and later went on to play in Kansas and Deep Purple. I am glad to finally be safely in the air. I was originally scheduled to fly via Charlotte North Carolina, but our plane sat on the Tarmac for 3 hours before taking off. 10 minutes after taking off we heard strange thumping sounds and had to turn around and fly back to the Seattle airport where the plane was grounded. So I will now be getting into Florida 6 hours late, but at least I will get there. Steve Morse and I will be finishing his record for the Magna Carta label.

After working with Steve Morse I will be back in Seattle for one day to record some demos for Windowpane (see windowpane news below) and then I am off to Austin Texas. I have been invited to moderate a panel at SXSW (the south by southwest music conference). I spoke at this conference last year and also at NXNW, the sister conference in Portland, Oregon.

Also for Magna Carta, I just finished the record I was recording for Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin and Steve Stevens. We finished recording at Eldorado recording which has recently played host to the Offspring for their latest 8 million selling record and the soon to be released Hanson album. After basic tracking in December at Stagg Street studios, Steve Stevens took tapes with him back to his studio to do some overdubs. He surprised us all with some really amazing guitar work. The more I hear of Steve Stevens playing, the more he impresses me. Levin and Bozzio of course were predictably fantastic.

Big News for Windowpane, who I produced a record for last year. They entered some of the tracks we did together at, is an online battle of the bands of sorts founded by Jerry Harrison , producer of Live, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and a founding member of Talking Heads. On the board of are such luminaries as Sir George Martin and Brian Eno and a who¹s who of the music industry. Out of 8000 bands, a track that I produced for Windowpane has been uncontested at the number one position for going on 8 weeks in a row and in the rock category we have 3 of the top 5 tracks. If Windowpane is the top ranked band at the end of 3 months, they will win a recording contract valued at $250,000.

In other net news, Kellee Bradley has a web site up at Kellee has been touring around the West Coast, getting airplay on several radio stations around the country and has recently been asked to sing the national anthem at an upcoming Seattle Mariners game in the new Safeco field.

This year got off to a busy start for me. Just after the new year I headed to North Italy to begin preproduction with the Italian rock band Hypnoise. We worked on song writing and early demos for the upcoming Hypnoise concept album called, Saint Valentines Porno bar. I can assure you that it will be like nothing you have ever heard before. Hypnoise is currently working to support the last album we did together called, Opium, which was recently released by MP records in Italy. It is always a treat for me to go to that part of the world. After several trips I have made some very dear friends there, that I am always excited to visit.

After working with Hypnoise I headed to Cannes France for my second visit to the MIDEM conference. MIDEM is held every year and is the main conference for the international music business community. 15,000 people from around the world gathered on the French Riviera is always a blast. I have a great time and it is an important part of my business. After MIDEM I was able to take a short holiday in Florence and Milan.

The big news is that I will be moving my headquarters to Los Angeles at the end of March. I will still have a base in Seattle, but will be spending more time at new offices and residence in the Los Angeles area. I expect to still spent quite a bit of time in the Northwest since there is a great network of people and places there. My favorite recording studio in the world (Paradise Sound) and my fave mastering engineer (Barry Corliss at Master Works) are located in the area as well as many great musicians that I will continue working with, but the main operations will be operating further south.

News as of January 3, 2000

I am slowly recovering from a holiday that focused far more on playing with my nieces and nephews than business. This was a welcome break from the flurry of activity that preceded and followed the holidays.

Before the holidays I spent a few weeks in Los Angeles recording the new Album for Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin and Steve Stevens. I will go back in February to finish it. The album so far is a lot of fun and has been a great joy to work on. Having worked with Tony Levin I knew I would love working with him and Terry¹s reputation from Zappa assured lots of interesting music, but the real surprise was Steve Stevens. Steve is most know for his more traditional rock guitar playing with Billy Idol, but he kept surprising me with a really diverse and developed musical palette. He certainly brings to the music elements that will surprise those who know only his work with Billy Idol or Michael Jackson.

Speaking of web sites, Master Works has a brand new site at

So now I am at home, hoping to have some time to do some web updates and trying to put together the vaguely annual, Eschaton Music Works E-newsletter. If you would like a copy please send your Email address to with "Newsletter Request" in the subject. I am also hoping to get a little bit of snow boarding before I take of to do some work in Italy next week. Then I am off to the MIDEM conferences in Cannes, France and then back to LA to finish the Bozzio Levin Stevens album and attend the NAMM convention.

News as of November 16, 1999

For any of you that may think that a life in music is all parties and socializing might want to take a look at my week. I have been finishing Kellee Bradley¹s album. My last couple days up at Paradise Sound went a bit like this. Leave for the Studio at 9:30 am, work until 3:30am. Sleep for a couple hours. Eat Breakfast. Start work again at 9:30am, work until 6:30 am this morning. Sleep for 3 hours, work for a couple more hours and drive over to Barry Corliss at Master Works and have him make some sense of all the mixes. This is where I am now (where I will be until about midnight tonight.). In addition to the mixes I have been dealing with all the logistics and bookings for my next project in LA which I leave for in a day and half. Its pretty insane, but I wouldn't trade getting up every day and making music for anything.

The Kellee Bradley album, which should be finished by the time this is posted. Inthe last week of recording we brought in the OK string Quartet to play on 4 tracks which really brought the album to a level.

The project I am leaving for in LA is an new album I am recording for Tony Levin (bass: Peter Gabriel, Seal, King Crimson, John Lennon), Terry Bozzio (drummer: Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, Jeff Beck) and Steve Stevens (guitar: Billy Idol, Michael Jackson). We are recording for the Magna Carta label, which did a very successful album with the same group in 1996. Tony Levin often brings a digital camera to the studio and posts pictures on his web site So you look there for live photo updates. I guess I got the new hair cut just in time.

Speaking of Tony Levin; There is a new King Crimson record out that Tony and I worked together on. The King Crimsons projects box set has been filed to a single volume for mainstream release. Its called the "Deception of the Thrush" and can be found at major record outlets. I mixed about half of the current release.

If you read the last news installment about Kelly June playing on the East Coast, well she is now LA bound. Look for her gigging around Southern California in the coming months. Check for updates.

The last album I did for the Italian band Hypnoise is slated for release next month.

In dire need of sleep now.

News as of November 16, 1999

This news entry comes from the comfort of my own home. Playing in the background is the new CD "Greenthumb" by Steve Ball. Its Steve doing guitar craft style guitar work as the foundation for pop songs. He recorded it with a group of great guitar players form Argentina. I didnt work on this record (I have worked on several records with Steve), but I just got excited on my first listen and thought it worth mentioning. Available through

I received a phone call this morning from the guitarist for the band Colorfast in Boston. Colorfast is a great band founded by TJ Welch, a musician I had the pleasure of working with back in 91 or 92. He later went on to play in Gage a band with some of the members of Bostons legendary SSD. I had just recently mixed 4 songs for the new Colorfast album. He called and told me that there was a problem. My heart sank for a moment until he told me that they were so excited about my mixes that they did not want any of the other mixes on the album and asked if I would mix the entire album. I am hoping to slip it into a couple down days later in the month.

I spent the rest of the day working with Kellee Bradley. Kellee is a Seattle based singer/songwriter that I am currently producing an album for. For those of you keeping score at home, this is not the same Singer/songwriter Kelly (June) from LA that I did an album with a few months ago, although there are a few similarities. I met Kellee Bradley at NXNW, Kelly June at SXSW.

Kelly Bradleys album is getting more exciting by the day. Some of the great studio musicians we have brought in have really brought some great life to the music and Kellee¹s voice is sounding fantastic. We have about 2 more weeks on the album. We have been working about a week in the studio and were lucky enough to have a couple weeks to do pre-production.

Kelly June has been touring around the East Coast to support the album "Room" that we did together. Get info at

I have managed to squeeze a few other projects in the Breaks on Kellee¹s album. Last week I was up in Vancouver, Canada working on new material with Josh White. A lot has happened since recording Josh¹s first solo album this spring. He has been working a band live that has really started to rock out a lot more than the mostly intimate album we recorded in the spring. I brought the band up to Vancouver¹s Greenhouse Studios to work on some new material that showcases the new band and material. This band Rocks!! The material sounds perhaps as good as anything I have ever done. Josh has a new management team. We are all pretty stoked about everything going on.

I also managed to Fit in an album for Seattle hardcore band "Not in the Face". My schedule (and the bands budget) was really tight, so we decided to do the whole album super fast. We ended up recording and mixing 12 songs in 17 hours up at Paradise Sound in Index, WA. The band played great and we had a blast and then we took the mixes over to Barry Corliss at Master Works to try to massage our chaos into something listen-able. I have come to expect miracles as Barry¹s standard MO and he did not disappoint. The album sounds great. Not in the Face was a blast for me to work on, not only because it was fun music, but also because it features Andy Marcus and Todd Whitman, two old friends from my days in Richmond Virginia.

I have also been quite busy writing. I am working on a new article for Fuse Magazine (, and an article about music production for the next issue of the NARAS / Grammy newsletter. In other media related goings on. Next month Sounds of Seattle will be running a feature on me and I have just been asked by the Berklee College of Music (which I attended for a few semesters) to send material so they can do a feature on me for their new web site.

Again for those of you keeping score at home: In the last few months I have been mentioned in MIX magazine and Pro Sound News a few times, been interviewed for an article in Drum Magazine and been the subject of some internet newsgroup debates. Hopefully the media attention will steer some interest over to the great musicians I have the pleasure of working with.

I am at the end of Steve Balls new album and I just realized I did work on it. The hidden bonus track is one that Steve and I worked on together back in 1995. The track is called Gravity and is the first time I worked with Drummer Bill Rieflin (Ministry, Pig face). More work with Kellee Bradley in the morning. Gotta Sleep.

News as of Oct 5, 1999
I guess the big news is that the Eschaton Web site got hacked a couple weeks back. Not sure why or how, but it is fixed now. Since the hacker did not damage any of the site content and did not really make any comment about the site, my guess is that it was just a kid trying out his hacking chops. My server (half price hosting) seemed like this was no big deal. I guess I am in the market for a new server host. My apologies to all who tried to check out the site and got a strange front page.

I have just returned from NXNW (the North by Northwest music conference). I was invited down to speak on a panel and stuck around for the whole conference. I managed to take in about 35 bands. The average was pretty good this year, I enjoyed a surprisingly large percentage of it. I met a lot of interesting musicians and biz people that you should be reading more about in the Eschaton news in the months to come.

In King Crimson news: King Crimson, Live in Mexico City is available for download off the net. I mixed the album last year to be released as a CD later next year, but the record label in a joint venture with Microsoft, decided to use the album as their first on line release. This is the King Crimson double trio in 1996, These are the same concerts that provided double trio material for the King Crimson, Virgin release, Cirkus. For more info check out

What was scheduled to be the big Eschaton news for November has been moved back to February. I have been invited to go to Greenland and produce a new album for the country¹s biggest rock band. The band sings in the native Greenlandic language, and although their sales numbers are not large in comparison to a US release, per capita they sell numbers equivalent to (or larger than) America¹s biggest rock stars. This being the music business, nothing is definite until after is has happened, but we will keep you posted on this one.

Currently on my plate is mixing part of an album for the band COLORFAST from Boston. The band was formed by TJ Welch, the guitar player of a band called Ramp that I worked with in Boston back in 1992.

Speaking of Boston, its good to see the band Powerman5000 finally getting their just deserts after many years of work. Back in 1991 or 92, when I was working with Martin Sexton, the drummer of the sessions was the drummer from Powerman5000. Needless to say his playing with Martin was quite a bit different than his main gig.

For those of you who have been holding you breath, The Hypnoise album which I began almost 2 years ago will hit the streets in the coming weeks. There is some talk about having me head over to Italy to do a press tour for the album. We¹ll keep you posted on that.

News as of August, 13 1999

First off my apologies to all the people who have written to wonder why on earth it has been so long since I last updated the Eschaton News. Answer: I have been swamped. Most recently with a week of vacation, playing golf in West Virginia.

So now I am back into the groove of making records 9and trying to take care of the web site). I have just started an album for a project called LOON, started by a few Seattle folks. We have brought in some wonderful players for the sessions including Brad Hauser (Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, Critters Buggin), Trey Gunn (King Crimson, John Paul Jones) and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, XTC, Mister Mister). The music features an excellent female vocalist and great atmospheric guitarist with a fantastic rhythm section. We will be recording at Sound House in Seattle and Paradise Sound in Index Washington. I will be working with another great Seattle Based Producer and Engineer named Mel who was pivotal in creating the project. The music is developing a life of its own before our eyes so I will keep you posted about the results.

Old projects that have finally been completed are the new album by Josh White, which we just re-mixed 2 tracks for, prior to the release, and Barry Corliss pulled off some miracles in the mastering. Look for it to be available in about a month on Emperor records. The new single from Kwasi Tay is also wrapped up.

Before Leaving on Vacation I recorded a record for Kelly June, a wonderful Singer/Songwriter/ Guitarist form Los Angels. Kelly's music floats somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos. We brought in Guest players Steve Ball, Ian Sheridan (3rd World Coutnty) and Jade Devitt (Lucky Me, Josh White) to bring the album to life. Barry Corliss again performed his typical miracles on the mastering. During the last few records I have done, I have really come to understand that one of a producer's greatest strengths is the people he surrounds himself with. Thankfully over the years I have acquired a great stable of talented people to help me make records.

Before Kelly June's Record, I was a Paradise Sound to record 3 songs with Christdriver, a Seattle band that brings new meaning to the word heavy. The band's music is thick aggressive, totally brutal and a blast to work on. The band tunes their guitars down to "B". For our non-musicians readers that just means really low and heavy. We recorded 2 originals plus a cover of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, which will certainly make you look at the Floyd Classic a little differently.

Seattle radio has been buzzing with Eschaton Projects lately. An Advance copy of the Josh White record has been getting spun on the Local alternative station, Windowpane on the local hard rock station and Velvalux on one of the local indie stations.

As always some very interesting things brewing in the background which I will post as they become official.

News as of June, 18 1999

On the news front exciting things are happening all around.

Martin Sexton's album "the American" is charting on AAA radio stations all over the country. While I did not do this album, martin and I recorded the demos for about the half the songs in Boston a while back. Its great to see him doing well. If ever there was an artist that deserved success, its Martin.

Currently I am recording a CD for Harmonic Antenna, a group made up of members of Mother Love Bone, King Crimson, Ministry and vocalist David Hykes. This is exciting for me, as I have been trying to work with David since about 1991. For those who don't know already. David Hykes is one of the world's greatest multiphonic vocalists, that is to say he can sing multiple vocal lines by himself live. If you have not heard this before it is worth checking out his album Harmonic Meetings. A true masterpiece.

Still on the plate these days is working with Kwasi Tay, a singer from West Africa. This is, needless to say, the first time I have worked on music in the Ewe language, one of the languages from Ghana.

News as of June, 1 1999
Currently I am recording a CD for Harmonic Antenna, a group made up of members of Mother Love Bone, King Crimson, Ministry and vocalist David Hykes. This is exciting for me, as I have been trying to work with David since about 1991. For those who don't know already. David Hykes is one of the world's greatest multiphonic vocalists, that is to say he can sing multiple vocal lines by himself live. If you have not heard this before it is worth checking out his album Harmonic Meetings. A true masterpiece. Still on the plate these days is working with Kwasi Tay, a singer from West Africa. This is, needless to say, the first time I have worked on music in the Ewe language, one of the languages from Ghana.

Another long break between news postings, but life has just sort of been that way lately. Very busy. I have been swamped working on a couple records as well as the far less glamorous business side of the music business. I have been in the US Northwest for over 2 months, which is the longest stretch of time I have spent here in close to 2 years and I am actually enjoying. It was starting to look like I may be spending less time out on the road making records, but as I am currently in talks to do records bands on 4 different continents (including North America), it does not look too likely that I will grow any moss in Seattle.

Lots of diverse projects in the works right now. I have begun mixing a project for a band called Land, which features Bill Reiflin (Ministry, KMFDM, Sweet 75) on drums. Also in the works is a track for an artist named Kwasi Tay. Kwasi is a singer from West Africa that does a mix of hip hop, reggae and West African pop. Some of the guys from Third World County will most likely drop by to help lay down the groove.

The new King Crimson live album "Cirkus", which I mixed 11 of the tracks is out in Europe and North America and getting great reviews to date.

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