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New from Italian rock/prog/psychedlelic band Hypnoise!!

Hypnoise is a band lost in time. This modern North Italian trio seems more like a lost gem from the late 60s psychedelic prog rock scene that spawned Pink Floyd. Their first album was a high end rock album (that featured guest Trey Gunn of King Crimson) and was recorded in some of the finest studios in Italy and the US. Their new album was recorded on a simple analog 8 track in a 500 year old Italian Villa in North Italy, a 13th century church and the canals of Venice. The album was recorded exclusively with analog equipment like Vintage tube mics, old tube tape machines, tube spring reverbs, tape delays, Italian Radios from 1935 etc to create a unique, colored and warm sound. Trying to stay true to vintage recording techniques, no digital devices were used in the recording or mixing of the album.

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