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Check out the new gallery of photos by photographer Hugh Hamilton.
The Veneto West - Hugh Hamilton Gallery

Welcome the gratuitous Ronan Chris Murphy gallery for those of you with time to waste. There is a second gallery with more photos here

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RCM on stage at 5am in Padova Italy with P. Mike III, John capobianco and Tony Levin.

New Toys for the studio: A new Jule Amp and a vintage D&R 4000 console.

This is a shot of the brilliant composer Arvo Part with my freind and wonderful composer Robert Kyr (we worked on a couple records together). This photo was taken when I was in a composition master class with Arvo.

Recording Greg Bissonette at Glenwood Place in LA.

Recording Tony Levin at Paradise Sound.

RCM 16th birthday in 1983 at the 9:30 club in Washington DC. The bill was Minor Threat, the Faith and JFA (what a birthday present) This pictue appeared in the liner notes of the CD release of the Faith/Void album, one of my favorite records of all time. Minor Threat also shot thier live video that night, which you can see me stage diving in.

Singer/songwriter Tom McRae at Veneto West Studio with Garm from the band Ulver. Recording music for the soundtrack for the Norwegian film Uno. The film was the 3rd biggest film of the year beaten only by Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

RCM in Screen shot from the Minor Threat home video, Live at the 9:30 Club. Ian McKaye's in background

The Terry Bozzio kit I recorded for the second Bozzio Levin Stevens record. 4 kick drums, 16 toms and 40 cymbals!!!

Pete Teo and RCM working on Pete's album in Kuala Lumpur. Pete's album spent 2 months in the top ten and was nominated for 4 AIM awards, the Malaysian equivalent of a Grammy award.

RCM working on The Kerry Lauder Band record. That record involved lots of dancing.

At Eldorado Studios with Steve Stevens and Terry Bozzio working on the Bozzio Levin Stevens record.

ex Frank Zappa guitarist Mike Keneally and Anthony Curtis recording and Veneto West Studio.

In Paradise Sound with John Day (seated next to me) and the band we asembled to cut his R&B tracks. Future Jason Mraz bass player Ian Sheriden far left.

This was taken at Scream Studios in LA working on the Saint Friday record. U2 had just been in before mixing.

A Shot of Chucho Valdes while recording the RCM produced Chucho Valdes y Groupo Irakere album Afrocubanismo

Mary Shokes dressed to the 9s and rockin.

This was my band Freak Baby. I remember I drove to this show, so I must have been at least 16 at the time. Bryant Mason in the background. Dave Grohl joined this band (on guitar) a few weeks after I quit. We all thought Dave was amazing because he was 14 and could play Slayer songs on guitar.

This is the view from Paradise Sound. Is it any wonder why its the RCM's favorite studio in the world?

Tools for making records in Italy: A Neve console and 5 translation dictionaries.

RCM in Saint Marks Square in Venice, taken by P. Mike III of the band Hypnoise

RCM view of Robert Fripp on tour recording Fripp Soundscapes. This might have been the G3 tour with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai

Recording Kellee Bradley at Paradise Sound.

Engineer Max Bacchin, RCM, P. Mike III and King Crimson's Trey Gunn recording the first Hypnoise album, Opium.

RCM in Charlotte North Carolina on Tour with Pumphouse. 1988

In the words of Eric Vani, RCM getting -lame air-

RCM with pumphouse (1988?), which also had Bobby Donne now in the band LaBradford and Joey Boiseneau who slowed down his music activities to be a snowboard mitten mogul, but he is still one of the coolest drummers of all time.

RCM recording Hypnoise in the Spessa Church, Carmignano di Brenta, Italy

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